LIFE SEPOSSO documentary “Posidonia oceanica, prendiamocene cura” takes stock of 20 years of transplants

The European project LIFE SEPOSSO realized for the first time in Italy and in the Mediterranean the monitoring of Posidonia oceanica transplants carried out in the last 20 years. Overall, 15 transplants carried out along the Italian coasts were monitored, which together represent about 30,000 sqm of transplanted meadows. A special focus is dedicated to the 4 largest transplants made along the Italian coasts: Santa Marinella (Lazio), Ischia (Campania), Piombino (Tuscany) and Augusta-Priolo Gargallo (Sicily).
The documentary “Posidonia oceanica, prendimocene cura” (the English version “Posidonia oceanica, let’s look after it” is coming soon) tells the main project’s achievements: the results obtained by 2 years of monitoring, the outcomes of the Governance analysis, the strengths and pitfalls of the procedures adopted in the past, and the solutions, best practices and innovative tools developed to make P. oceanica transplants more effective and to achieve reliable protection and restoration for this habitat.

The project LIFE SEPOSSO

The project Life SEPOSSO, “Supporting Environmental governance for the POSidonia oceanica Sustainable transplanting Operations”, carried out with the contribution of the European Commission, aims to improve the Italian Governance of the Posidonia oceanica transplants, marine habitat priority 1120* sensu Habitat Directive (1992/43/EEC), implemented to compensate the damages caused by coastal works and infrastructures. The project is based on the cooperation among numerous stakeholders, which will contribute to design and apply good practices and innovative software tools for improving the effectiveness of planning and control of transplantation activities. This will contribute to the implementation of European environmental legislation (EIA-2014/52/EU and MSP-2014/89/EU) and to raise awareness on the importance and respect of the P. oceanica prairies and of the Natura 2000 marine sites.

Educational Kit Life SEPOSSO

After 2 years of meetings, lessons, games and exchanges with over 1500 kids, we decided to collect the materials and experiences produced to date and make them available to everyone. This is how the Life SEPOSSO Educational Kit was created. You can download it from here: DOWNLOAD EDUCATIONAL KIT

The project, among its multiple objectives, is to make citizens of all ages aware of the importance and respect of the Posidonia oceanica meadows, marine sites belonging to the Natura 2000 Network, and has therefore created this new educational tool for children of primary and secondary school.

The educational kit (in Italian only, for the moment) is organized in 7 modules. The teaching activities included in each module are lectures, videos, group games and skills that will allow children to discover what Posidonia oceanica is, what role it plays in the coastal marine environment, what is threatening it and what can be done do to protect it.

Learning how to protect the environment can also be fun!

The Life SEPOSSO team

Video comic – Discovering Posidonia oceanica meadows

Posi and Donia become an animated cartoon to tell us what the Posidonia oceanica prairies are,
why thay are so important for us and the marine environment and why it’s important to preserve and protect them.
A message addressed to everyone, not just to our children.


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Life SEPOSSO at the Life ROC-POP Final Meeting

Life SEPOSSO at the Life ROC-POP Final Meeting

In the context of the project actions D.2 “LIFE SEPOSSO Networking” the LIFE SEPOSSO project Coordinators participated on the 17th December 2021 to the FINAL MEETING ROC-POP Life event, which was held at Pick Center Roma Eur, P. G. Marconi, 15, Rome and, at the same time, in online mode. The Life ROC-POP project – ...
Sustainable development SMEs and PA: NextGenEU opportunities and smart digitalisation

Sustainable development SMEs and PA: NextGenEU opportunities and smart digitalisation

In the context of the project actions D.1 “Public awareness and dissemination of results” and D.2 “LIFE SEPOSSO Networking” LIFESEPOSSO participated on 14 October 2021 in the event entitled ‘Sustainable development of SMEs and PA: the opportunities of the Next Gen EU and smart digitalisation‘, held online, in live streaming, at 17:00. The event was ...
SEPOSSO with schools for ScienceTogether-Net

SEPOSSO with schools for ScienceTogether-Net

Also this year LIFE SEPOSSO collaborated to the series of events held for the “European Night of the Researchers 2021” realized thanks to ISPRA’s ScienceTogether – NET project, within the NET for Schools – Researchers in Schools activities. The events, which took place exclusively online, were carried out thanks to the support of ISPRA’s Environmental ...
Life SEPOSSO at Italian Film Festival in Monreale (PA), Sicily

Life SEPOSSO at Italian Film Festival in Monreale (PA), Sicily

In the framework of the Project Action D.2 Communication and Dissemination, Life SEPOSSO participated on 16 September 2021 in the Monreale Premio Ambiente, organised by the Italian Film Festival, for the first time in the heart of Arab-Norman Sicily. Screenings, conferences, meetings with personalities from Italian cinema, masterclasses and a final evening with many guests ...

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