The project LIFE SEPOSSO

The project Life SEPOSSO, “Supporting Environmental governance for the POSidonia oceanica Sustainable transplanting Operations”, carried out with the contribution of the European Commission, aims to improve the Italian Governance of the Posidonia oceanica transplants, marine habitat priority 1120* sensu Habitat Directive (1992/43/EEC), implemented to compensate the damages caused by coastal works and infrastructures. The project is based on the cooperation among numerous stakeholders, which will contribute to design and apply good practices and innovative software tools for improving the effectiveness of planning and control of transplantation activities. This will contribute to the implementation of European environmental legislation (EIA-2014/52/EU and MSP-2014/89/EU) and to raise awareness on the importance and respect of the P. oceanica prairies and of the Natura 2000 marine sites.

Video fumetto – Alla scoperta delle praterie di Posidonia oceanica

Posi and Donia become an animated cartoon to tell us what the Posidonia oceanica prairies are,
why thay are so important for us and the marine environment and why it’s important to preserve and protect them.
A message addressed to everyone, not just to our children.

Life SEPOSSO su RAI NEWS24 del 21/09/2018

Life SEPOSSO on the national public brodacasting news channel RAI NEWS24: ISPRA
is the leader of a European project for increasing transplant efficiency of posidonia grasslands.

Life SEPOSSO on TG1 news, 30/06/2018

Life SEPOSSO activities highlighted in the primetime news of the national public broadcasting (RAI TG1, 30/06/2018). Audience: 2.925.000