Azione A.3/B.2 – Report casi studio toscani trapianto Posidonia oceanica – 31.07.2021

Action B.3.2 – Implementation of the Preliminary Transplantation Suitability Index (PTSI) – 28.05.2021

ANNEX_1 – Maps of the scores obtained on the basis of the selected parameters and calculation of the PTSI

Action B.1.2 – Basic information, legislative context and description of case studies – Case studies extension – 25.05.2021

Action B.1 – Technical guide _ABSTRACT (ENG)

Action B.1 – Technical guide on the economic evaluation of environmental impacts on
Posidonia oceanica meadows
(ITA)  – 24.05.2021


DELIVERABLE – Action B.1.1 – Report on Stakeholder and conflict analysis – 05.04.2020

Report_B.1.1_ANNEX_1 – Stakeholder questionnaire: semi-structured interview

Report_B.1.1_ANNEX_2 – Questionnaire on public information and participation in Posidonia oceanica transplanting projects

Report_B.1.1_ANNEX_3 – Stakeholder panelist

DELIVERABLE Action B.3.2 – Report of data collected for Posidonia oceanica management and transplant – 30.04.2020

Report_B.3.2_ANNEX_1 – Catalogo dati ambientali da fonti pubbliche

Report_B.3.2_ANNEX_2 – Catalogo dati ambientali dai casi studio

DELIVERABLE Action D.2 – Minutes of Networking – 28.02.2020

DELIVERABLE Action B.1.2 – Basic information legislative context and description of case studies – 02.05.2019

DELIVERABLE Action A.3 – Final report on Posidonia oceanica transplanting case studies – 02.04.2019

DELIVERABLE Action D.2 – Minutes of Networking – 05.02.2019

Stakeholders Panelist Life SEPOSSO (MILESTONE)

Communication Plan Life SEPOSSO