Educational Kit SEPOSSO (ITA only)

Dowload the instruction manual of the Educational Kit SEPOSSO (Italian only)

Inside you will find the instructions necessary to carry out the educational activities proposed by Life SEPOSSO.

Here below you can download all the files necessary for educational activities, which are organized in 7 modules.

Module 1: Introduction to Posidonia oceanica meadows

Module 2: Discovering Posidonia oceanica meadows
Animated comics – Discovering Posidonia oceanica meadows

Module 3: A dive on Posidonia oceanica meadows

Module 4: In the lab to study Posidonia oceanica

No files to dowload here

Module 5: Game: “Posidonia meadow and damages caused by humans”

No files to dowload here

Spot – impatti antropici sulle praterie di Posidonia oceanica

Module 6: Game: “Build your own Posidonia meadow”

Module 7: Let’s play with Posi e Donia