Action B4: Transferability and replicability of the results and solutions for SEPOSSO project

The purpose of this action is to transfe at national and European level the results and products of LIFE SEPOSSO to the different stakeholders , in order to make the best practices developed in the project replicable. The transferability and replicability of the project results and solutions will be supported through the publication of technical manuals, the organization of training courses and the develop of a specific networking between different Mediterranean countries. The technical manuals will summarize the main information coming from the other project concerning the evaluation process, the operative modalities and the control of Posidonia oceanica transplantation. The training courses will guarantee the transferability and replicability of the project results on a national scale and will increase the chances of success of its continuation after the project conclusion. In addition, will be developed by a deep debate and exchange with other European projects and countries of the Mediterranean basin to better manage the protection and restoration of the P. oceanica prairies.

Technical manuals (in progress)

Training courses (in progress)

Transferability and Replicability in Mediterranean Countries (in progress)