Action B1: The governance process of Posidonia oceanica transplantation in Italy

This actions aims to analyze the Governance process that rules the Posidonia oceanica transplantation operations, especially when these are indicates as a compensations of a damage in the whole of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The analysis will allow  to understand interactions between the various elements of the EIA process and the stakeholders involved, filling any gaps in the application of the EIA procedure. Furthermore, any conflicts that can contrast the achievement of the results of an optimal Governance and proposed more efficient and effective processes in compliance with the European Union Environmental Directives on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA-2014/52/EC) and on Planning of the Maritime Space (MSP-2014/89/EU). Through the analysis of three case studies, in which Posidonia were transplanted were as a compensation measure after different anthropic impacts, Piombino (Tuscany), Ischia (Campania) Civitavecchia (Lazio) and the Augusta case study (Sicily ), in which a transplant was carried out on a voluntary basis with the aim to recover the pre-existing Posidonia habitat, this action will clarify about:

  • the EIA process carried out and the verification of compliance
  • the legal and administrative aspects related to the implementation of P. oceanica transplants
  • the main stakeholders involved in these works and in the EIA processes
  • possible conflicts between the actors involved
  • the ecosystem services provided by the P. oceanica prairies and the consequent implications in terms of the economic evaluation of the environmental impacts at local level

In addition to these sites,  during the Project could be considered further study cases in which transplantation activities have been carried out as a compensation measure or for different purposes



B.1.1 Governance Analysis

B.1.2 From governance to efficay of EIA process (in progress)