Events week Life SEPOSSO in Ischia (NA)

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Date(s) - 17 September - 22 September
12:00 am


ISPRA technicians and researchers together with project partners between 17 and 22 September will be present in  Ischia (NA) for dissemination activities towards  citizenship and monitoring of Posidonia oceanica transplantation included in the Life SEPOSSO project.


Action B.1

Involment actitivitis and meeting with the stakeholders for the Posidonia oceanica transplantation management

The Posidonia transplant in analysis was carried out between 2008 and 2009 in Ischia (NA) in the area of Punta San Pietro, included in the Site of Community Importance (SIC) IT8030010 “Seabed of Ischia, Procida and Vivara”. The transplant was implemented as a compensation measure identified by the Environmental Impact Assessment Decree (EIA) for trench excavation works to be developed for the Bacoli-Ischia gas pipeline, as a part of the Ischiagas S.r.l.

In order to communicate to stakeholders how the transplant operation is carried out to date, Life SEPOSSO will organize a round table to be held in Ischia on the date and place to be allocated. The round table aims to address the main aspects concerning the management of Posidonia oceanica transplants, with a specific focus on transplants performed as a compensatory measure within the VIA-VINCA procedures in restricted areas such as the seabed of Ischia .

Action B.2

As part of the activities of the Life SEPOSSO project, in Ischia (NA) in the area of ​​Punta San Pietro between 17 and 22 September, there will be a series of technical-scientific dives that will involve the simultaneous involvement of ISPRA divers and  various project partners.

During the dives the operators will verify the conditions of the Posidonia transplant carried out in 2008-2009 near Ischia Porto, in “Punta San Pietro”. The results of these activities will be fundamental to increase knowledge that will lead to the develop  of good practices to be used in the transplant management platform (PTWP) whose building is one of the central objectives of the Life SEPOSSO project.

In addition to the pre-eminently technical-scientific activities, soon an immersion open to stakeholders and the public will also be carried out on the transplant site. We hope to involve citizens in order to increase the awareness of the sea users on the importance of the P. oceanica habitat, encouraging responsible and sustainable behavior and increasing knowledge about the phenomenon of transplants in Italy and their management.

We invite those interested in participating in the dive to contact the scientific project leaders by Monday, September 17


Tiziano Bacci (ISPRA)
Barbara La Porta (ISPRA)


Actions D.1

The meetings with citizens will take place at a stand set up for the distribution of promotional products created within the Life project. The event will be an opportunity to inform citizens on the Natura 2000 network, on the importance of habitat at Posidonia oceanica, on ecosystem services and the benefits produced on the marine-coastal ecosystem,  protection measures that also include behavior of individual citizens. In addition, free gadgets of the project will be distributed and  films will be shown on current activities.

Much of the activity will be dedicated to the children entertainment  with the comic story “Discovering the Posidonia oceanica prairies” Through the adventures of Posi and Donia, the characters of the comic, as well as the mascot of the SEPOSSO project, and with group games we will learn to respect the wonders of the sea and having fun at the same time


We are waiting you at Ischia !!

Download the technical flyer of the Ischia transplant

The team of scientific divers involved in the surveys on Posidonia transplantation in Ischia (NA).



Educational meetings for young people with Life SEPOSSO researchers